How to deposit into M88 account

After we have registered M88 account successfully, next step we have to deposit to your M88 account for betting. This article I am going to introduce how to deposit to M88 account by Skrill (the old name was Moneybookers).

Step 1: Go in M88 account

Make sure you have at least 30 USD in your Skrill account, if not please deposit to your Skrill account first before going to the second step.

How to deposit into M88 account
How to deposit into M88 account


Step 2: Click “Deposit/Withdrawal/Transfer” when you have logged in

“Deposit from”: you choose Moneybookers to

Amount in USD: Please write the amount of money you want to deposit in M88 account

Moneybookers member ID: Please write your Moneybookers member ID which you have

Click “Submit” to finish step 2


Step 3: After clicking “Submit”, you will be taken to the Skrill page

On this page, you may see the form to fill credit card, if you don’t have a Moneybookers account, you can deposit directly from you credit card. If you have a Moneybookers account, scroll down and choose. “I already have a Skrill account”


Step 4: You have to fill the email Moneybookers and Password to complete the deposit process.

*Note: The Moneybookers email and the email which was registered at M88 must be the same, if not you have to login Moneybookers and set that email is the second email.

Click “Setting” after loginning account and choose “Personal Info”,click “edit” and setup the second email for Moneybookers account.


Now you have successfully deposited into  daftar M88 account, Enjoy with M88 !

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